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Hi. I’m Leo.

I’m ADHD, Autistic, a software engineer, a startup founder, and a creator.

I recently discovered the ADHD/Autistic sides of myself. That’s something that writing has helped me process. That’s a theme in my writing, but I try to keep the focus elsewhere when I write on Medium.

If you are interested in how Autism/ADHD affects my life and startup, check out my Substack.

On Medium, my writing focuses a lot on what I am learning as I launch my startup. When I started writing, I did so as a way to branch out from the confines of…

It is the Ultimate Boss Move

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We have spent a long time in fear. Much too long. It is time to release our fear.

Punishment is Inefficient

We punish people for their mistakes. We are afraid of them repeating their mistakes. Punishment is not an efficient teacher though. It works, but other things work better. We know this because of science.

His Actions Were Not His Alone

Trump did what he did to make money. This makes sense. We have programmed people for decades to believe that money and success were equal. They are not, and truly happy people know this.

He is simply a symptom of a broken economy. He thought he could fix…

Redesigning the Internet to be Human-Centric

silhouette in front of laser grid
silhouette in front of laser grid
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I have examined the internet and tried to understand how it can be so powerful and yet so dangerous. I believe I figured out the answer. The problem is that the internet was designed without humans at the center. It was designed to make money, and that it does very well.

The Goals

The goal of the human API is to give control to the human in the human-technology relationship. At some point, the control shifted to the technology, and we were driven by the algorithms designed to drive profits. …

The Importance of Setting Ridiculous Goals

dart stuck in bullseye
dart stuck in bullseye
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I love setting goals that are absolutely insane. If you have followed me for any time at all, you have probably seen at least one of them.

Old Goals

I have a very specific reason for doing so. For a long time, I was chasing the standard goals that most people have.

  • Goal: Get the promotion at work
  • Goal: Lose 50lbs
  • Goal: Buy my first house
  • Pursue a PhD

Do you know how successful I was at those goals? I wasn’t. Ok, I did get a promotion, finally. But not quite the one I wanted.

Then, I decided to shoot a little…

And I Think I Figured Out a Plan

hands fanning out hundred dollar bills
hands fanning out hundred dollar bills
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I have a theory that I am trying to prove right now. I had the realization that money is infinite now and I am living a severely limited lifestyle compared to what I would like. I make a solid six figures a year but I live in a crappy rental house and have for a decade. I keep waiting for my break while I climb the corporate ladder.

I have been working hard for almost a decade and teaching myself to build computer software. I always figured that would be my end state. …

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My manager called me into a meeting with him. I was in my first position out of college. I had been there for a few months now and I was starting to figure things out. I was enjoying having a dual-screen setup for the first time. One of the things I had figured out in my extended undergraduate journey was that watching movies while I worked helped me keep focus. So I started throwing up movies on one screen and programming on the other. Then I got called into this meeting.

“Leo, we can’t have you watching movies while you…


NFTs Give Us The Missing Piece

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I’ve been getting a bit frustrated lately. I haven’t been seeing the results I’ve wanted. I was battling the whole chicken and egg problem. The ideas I had were focused on the future, where I was being guided by user data and feedback on what the specific features would be. The problem is that I don’t have that data until I have users. And it is hard to get users without a product.

There was something missing in my conversations. There was a communication barrier somewhere. Something wasn’t clicking with other people like I wanted it to.

Then I was…


Let’s Model It Like The Soccer Transfer Market

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Like many writers, I have been watching the Non-Fungible Token space with interest. It seems like a good way to make some quick money. I’ve been exploring several options. But I saw problems with all of them.

That’s when I analyzed what NFTs were and why they are becoming popular. The goal is partial ownership of digital property. When that property is sold, all owners receive a portion of the proceeds. Depending on the offering, buyers may receive full or partial ownership. You can do a bunch of cool things when talking about percentage ownership.

NFTs and Soccer

I was looking for a…

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Prompt: What is your customer doing right now? And what impact did you have on their day?

The goal is 50–100 words, so I am going to do that. And then I am going to continue with a bit more probably. This prompt came at an interesting time for me.

Right now, my customer is going over their writing goals for the coming month. They have a target income they will try to hit. They try to plan their schedule to match their income needs for the month. Then they discover DeFiNet. They join a collaboration. This reduces the pressure on them to pump out content in order to be successful. …

It’s all about perfecting the balance of give and take

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I am in the process of launching my first startup. Coming from an engineering background, I knew my experience on the business side of things was lacking.

This has been confirmed by the distinct lack of monetary success thus far. But I have been learning. One of the things I did was that I took advantage of an offer to receive free coaching. Through a networking event, I was offered the chance to be part of a coaching group for executives. Even though I didn’t quite meet the specified criteria, I thought that it might be a hugely beneficial experience…

Leo Guinan

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