I Spent 2021 Studying the Creator Economy. This Is What I’ve Learned.

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There’s a golden thread that connects the entrepreneur of the past to the creators of the future. It’s a resurgence of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and work-life creativity. Many people are questioning what their work means and realize that for themselves, employment really got in the way of building something truly meaningful…

Where have we been and where are we going?

Step 1 — The MVP — Currently Released

As I started building out the product, I had a single workflow in mind. I wanted to be able to see all of my Twitter relationships, select a subset of those, and send out a single direct message to the selected subset.

Along the way, I added a couple of…

An experiment in SaaS + Community + NFTs

This community is first and foremost, an experiment.

I’m using it as a way to test out what I’ve been seeing with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and communities and a way to reward early users of the software.

It started off as this experiment:



Phase 1: Only 10 slots available

The first round of membership will…

Leo Guinan

Creator, Automation Consultant, Creator Economy Strategist, and founder of https://feathercrm.io. https://beacons.page/leo_guinan

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