Corporate Drone Turned Startup Creator

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Hi. I’m Leo.

I’m ADHD, Autistic, a software engineer, a startup founder, and a creator.

I recently discovered the ADHD/Autistic sides of myself. That’s something that writing has helped me process. That’s a theme in my writing, but I try to keep the focus elsewhere when I write on Medium.

If you are interested in how Autism/ADHD affects my life and startup, check out my Substack.

On Medium, my writing focuses a lot on what I am learning as I launch my startup. When I started writing, I did so as a way to branch out from the confines of…

The Best Part? Anyone Can Develop It.

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Automation is the easiest superpower you can develop.

Anyone can learn how to automate tasks.

If you can automate tasks, you can be in more than one place at a time.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

I don’t like to do the same thing more than once. That means that the first time I do something, I’m always looking for ways to automate it.

Turns out, this is mostly a trauma response to undiagnosed ADHD. If I can automate something, I don’t have to remember to do every single step every time.

Ideally, I don’t even need to remember to do the task. …

Consider a Community-Driven Course!

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So you want to create an online course. That’s the position I was in too. I signed up for the On Deck Course Creator Fellowship and started learning all that I could about how to create an online course. Then I realized that I was learning so much that I didn’t know where to begin. I tried a bunch of different approaches but wasn’t able to get anything to work.

That’s when I realized I needed to design a framework that would help me design the course I wanted to create. And the idea of a community-driven course was born!

The Types Of Online Courses

And what the creator economy is missing for us to have a creator middle class

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I’ve been spending way too much time studying the creator economy. As a creator and a founder that’s trying to build within the creator space, I need to understand the ecosystem and all of its moving pieces. I’ve studied how platforms pay creators and how creators can be successful. I’ve started finding my voice and building up my audience.

But there’s a piece missing. See, my goal is to build up a creator middle class. It’s not as sexy as becoming a millionaire TikTok star, but it’s something that I believe is necessary to bring about a healthy economy. …

Art Is Eternal, Life Is Fleeting

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If you’re like me, you are itching to get back out into the world as soon as you can. It’s weird, I didn’t go out much before the pandemic, but now I’m just looking forward to the day when I can go out to places like bars without thinking about the word “pandemic”.

When the pandemic first hit, I thought I was living my best life. As an introvert, I suddenly found myself with more time than I knew what to do with. I was way more productive in my work. I was finally able to spend more time doing…

If it’s Not You, Your Life Probably Isn’t Fulfilling

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I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. I’m trying to build out my startup, my coaching business, and my course, and things aren’t going as smoothly as I’ve hoped. I’m making progress, but not at the rate I want.

As I’ve reflected on my journey so far, there has been one idea that keeps coming up over and over. It’s all about the story.

Want to be a good writer? Learn how to share your story.

Want to pitch your startup to investors? Tell them a compelling story.

Want to market your business? …

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I’ve been working on getting my startup off the ground. While doing so, I’ve been focused on building in public. I see it as an opportunity to get people excited about my ideas and build up a user base before I have a product. While doing so, I’ve found a supportive community that supports its members. Whether it is programmers building out their SaaS offering or authors writing their book, building in public has a number of advantages.

Grow Your Audience Before You Try To Sell

One of the major benefits is that you can attract potential customers to your product before you have a product. This is…

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My manager called me into a meeting with him. I was in my first position out of college. I had been there for a few months now and I was starting to figure things out. I was enjoying having a dual-screen setup for the first time. One of the things I had figured out in my extended undergraduate journey was that watching movies while I worked helped me keep focus. So I started throwing up movies on one screen and programming on the other. Then I got called into this meeting.

“Leo, we can’t have you watching movies while you…


NFTs Give Us The Missing Piece

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I’ve been getting a bit frustrated lately. I haven’t been seeing the results I’ve wanted. I was battling the whole chicken and egg problem. The ideas I had were focused on the future, where I was being guided by user data and feedback on what the specific features would be. The problem is that I don’t have that data until I have users. And it is hard to get users without a product.

There was something missing in my conversations. There was a communication barrier somewhere. Something wasn’t clicking with other people like I wanted it to.

Then I was…


Let’s Model It Like The Soccer Transfer Market

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Like many writers, I have been watching the Non-Fungible Token space with interest. It seems like a good way to make some quick money. I’ve been exploring several options. But I saw problems with all of them.

That’s when I analyzed what NFTs were and why they are becoming popular. The goal is partial ownership of digital property. When that property is sold, all owners receive a portion of the proceeds. Depending on the offering, buyers may receive full or partial ownership. You can do a bunch of cool things when talking about percentage ownership.

NFTs and Soccer

I was looking for a…

Leo Guinan

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