Everything You Wanted to Know About Feather

What is Feather CRM?

Corporate Drone Turned Startup Creator

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Where have we been and where are we going?

Step 1 — The MVP — Currently Released

An experiment in SaaS + Community + NFTs


Phase 1: Only 10 slots available

Let’s Rethink Early-Stage SaaS Investing

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The Best Part? Anyone Can Develop It.

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Don’t Repeat Yourself

Consider a Community-Driven Course!

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And what the creator economy is missing for us to have a creator middle class

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Art Is Eternal, Life Is Fleeting

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If it’s Not You, Your Life Probably Isn’t Fulfilling

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Leo Guinan

Creator, Automation Consultant, Creator Economy Strategist, and founder of https://feathercrm.io. https://beacons.page/leo_guinan

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