I am actually interested and will definitely be reading it. I actually agree with a lot of what you say. The answer is actually in the middle of the road. Not the centrist democrat middle, but the actual middle.

I personally believe that in the future we won't need a government as the idea currently exists today. That said, I see a lot of suffering that the world could prevent.

I am in the middle of launching a startup based on my economic principles. I don't think that the economy is the only thing wrong with society, but I do think it is the biggest thing wrong, and fixing it is the first step towards fixing society. I think a unifying government will be easier for me to work with but in the end, I will do what I have to do in order to get my ideas off the ground. We'll see if they work.

My point with the pardon is that it will disarm his support. He won't end up being held responsible for his actions but if we insist on trying to force it, his supporters will rise up and cause more of a divide. I want to short-circuit that, as I believe it is an inefficient way to help those who need it.

I did intentionally stay away from the idea of religion in the post. I grew up Catholic and now I am an atheist. I didn't want my beliefs there to impact the post.

Your criticism of my post is well-deserved. I have only been writing a couple of months now and I am using this blog as a way to practice. I appreciate the feedback and will use it to improve.

I look forward to seeing your article. Thanks for the response!

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Polymath Timelord Economist. Solving time by solving money. Building the future now. He/Him. Views are my own.

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