I appreciate the response.

I wrote this about a month before the election. I firmly believed that it was the right answer when I wrote it.

Then the election happened and with it, all of the craziness that has ensued. Based on the new data, I am re-evaluating my stance. I believe that Biden should have leaked a plan to pardon Trump as soon as the election results came in to show that he was the winner.

That didn’t happen so the circumstances have changed. And Trump has gotten bolder because he has been enabled. That has created some interesting effects. The Republicans who have supported him are now torn between Trump and party. Trump doesn’t care. He is all about making as much money off of this as he can. He doesn’t have to worry about how this impacts the rest of his political career. The other Republicans, though, have a bit more at stake. All of a sudden, they are forced to either support his obvious lies or risk him turning his ire on them. With the runoff in GA, this could be the thing that ends up bringing down the party as we currently know it.

I am familiar with the Ford/Nixon proceedings, but I don’t think those lessons necessarily apply here. This is a much different situation.

Regardless, I think big changes are coming to the US government as we know it within the next four years. Whether that is a full collapse of the government or some large structural changes to the way elections are structured, changes need to happen. For example, the lame-duck period. That used to be necessary when the constitution was written due to the time needed to travel and communicate results. That is no longer the case. So we have a lame duck that could conceivably do things to ruin the country. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a much shorter lame-duck period in the next presidential election.

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Polymath Timelord Economist. Solving time by solving money. Building the future now. He/Him. Views are my own.

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