I completely understand that. I have been programming for about a decade now. I can’t tell you how many times I have personally turned a simple problem into an overly complex one. I think we have a natural tendency to do that as humans. I am just now understanding that mastery is demonstrated by being able to teach it to anyone, not just someone who has a very similar background.

That is where I think academics end up with a bit of a blind spot. I have a unique perspective because I don’t have a group of people to discuss my ideas and theories with. If you start talking about quantum anything with the average person, they have some interesting reactions. Usually, their eyes glaze.

So I just decided to start writing, researching, and sharing. Not the standard academic process exactly, but I do take a lot of the ideas from academia. I am currently working on a second master’s degree and seriously considering going for a PhD when I finish. I never wanted one about August.

Now, I have a few potential avenues for research. These are some seriously exciting ideas. :)

Thanks for the response. It is greatly appreciated.

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Polymath Timelord Economist. Solving time by solving money. Building the future now. He/Him. Views are my own.

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