I know exactly where he gets his views. I have a fairly close relationship to him. I have recently realized how his views have changed over time. I think that he believed as I do at one time. I can see what mechanisms were in play to change his views over time.

He has limited himself to the Fox News/Right Wing Media bubble. He accepts only that view of the world. And he did tell me that it was because that was the only bubble that made him think his view was relevant. That did make me think. It led me to understand the division that was currently being sown. I can’t change his view of the world. But maybe I can do something to affect that bubble. And really all bubbles. Bubbles of information need to be popped.

I did manage to get mentioned twice in a week on Rush Limbaugh. That was in my first month of blogging. It had some effect, although not quite the one I intended. But it did help me understand why he thinks the way he does. And why everyone thinks the way they do.

I hope that clears things up a bit. Thank you for reading.

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