Yep. Everyone needs to step back and take a deep breath. He has kept us in a pretty constant fight-or-flight state since he was elected. Hell, that is how he was elected.

It is really easy to play to people’s emotions. And when you get two sides blaming each other, they lose sight of the actual cause of the conflict.

It is really hard to hate someone once you get to know them as a person. It is really easy to hate some avatar on the internet. Trump, unfortunately, took full advantage of that fact. He continues to do so. Once we show everyone that he can just step away, I think he will. I don’t really think he wanted the job in the first place. But now he is afraid to stop because he fears that his past will catch up to him.

I am nervous about the upcoming election and how the results will be “interpreted”. I see several possibilities for likely outcomes, and many of them aren’t good. I think this is one path that ensures a peaceful transition of power.

I could be wrong though. Trump doesn’t typically take the rational predictable route. That is why he is so dangerous.

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